Our Story

Through the years Tech Implement has gathered invaluable experience, intellectual assets and more importantly genuinely great friends and customers. Here’s our story.

It was in September of 2004 when Tech Implement was started by a group of young entrepreneurs in Lahore, Pakistan as a mere side project. Not the perfect time for technology companies, the passion and enthusiasm was the sole glue that kept together the young dynamic team while having full time jobs.

Starting off with technologies like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, SugarCRM 5.0 and a self developed custom SaaS product for educational industry called Taleem Portal, the struggle was on !

As of 2013, Tech Implement officially stepped into North America as Vibrance Tech Inc. By partnering with several North-American technology partners we were able to expand our impact manifolds. Our esteemed partners have kept being a source of inspiration for us and have motivated us to push the envelope even further at every stage.

Today Tech Implement is a proud team with 100’s of successful business applications to its credit in North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

As of 2016 Tech Implement is an official partner of bpm’online and has launched it’s own App and Solution Store where our products and solutions are available to make our customers’ lives that much more easier.

As we look forward to an even brighter future, in retrospect, it’s been a journey of struggle & learning where things were not always perfect. But without doubt our’s is a story filled with satisfaction of making a difference to our customers’ lives and businesses.