Product Management

Understanding how a product fits into the modern methodology for existing businesses, and how product management fits into a CRM technology can facilitate business owners in making informed implementation decisions.

Empowering Sales People

With the help of Product Management, a business can empower sales people by providing current product information. This help them in finding new ways to draw more customers based on the accessibility of accurate data when customers ask questions. Integrating product management into existing CRM can not only make a big difference in commission sales, but also helps sales staff in assisting customers in the field.

Complete Product Information

With our product management CRM, you can proficiently track and record full details, including associated vendor information and product categories. You can also review and edit details like product name, product description and unit price.

Spreadsheet Functionality

The look of product management is just like a spreadsheet. So, adding and revising details is simple and getting work done is easy with just a few clicks.

Updating & Exporting Documents

Now you can update documents for every product and keep up a documents archive for all your products. This way you can easily manage records of product images, product specification details, etc. You can also export product list in several file formats for each product that is in the system in one appropriate spreadsheet.

Data Storage

Irrespective of the intricacy, product size and service portfolio, make sure you can keep them all in bpm’online sales. Add the catalog with your ERP system to keep data updated and admissible.

Order Processing

Managing order processing in the compact window is easy for product selection. When an order is place for a product, you can confirm its availability, identify the products required and discuss it with the buyer.

Filtered Search & Navigation

Filtered search and navigation can help find the exact products in the catalog quickly. This approach is famous for online shopping and enables you to navigate bpm’online sales.

          Advantages of bpm’online Product Management


  • Online innately mobile product management tools
  • Infinite products managements with included search
  • Automatically updated adaptable product catalogs
  • Built-in product presentations with complete features
  • Real time automatic database update
  • Automation of production processes

  • Consistent improved product quality
  • Tailored on-demand reports and market researches
  • Simple production to demand management
  • Trustworthy sales estimations with custom filters
  • Product performance monitoring and reporting
  • Custom tools for management and users