It’s not just Technology

When it comes to relying on a CRM system to take your organization forward it is important to keep in mind that the mere selection of a CRM is not the end of it. A number of factors come into play that could affect the eventual fate of a CRM project. Factors like short-term and long-term organization goals and Implementation approaches are the 2 most ones to pay special attention to. Buying a customer management technology is the first step, yet, its only as good as its implementation of business procedures and the goals behind them.

At Tech Implement, we understand the challenges that come with implementation of SugarCRM projects. Through the course of years we have learnt and developed tried and tested implementation methodologies for our customers to ensure their investment does not go to waste and all goals set in the beginning are eventually achieved.

Our Approach

We follow a straight forward consistent process, based on our years of CRM implementation practice, and which guarantees impeccable results at any stage.

Our standard methodology for SugarCRM implementation helps us carry projects in time, and budget to reduce risk and capitalize on transparency.

Here’s a step-by-step process of CRM implementation from TechImplement’s Engineering team:

  • Understanding your business and the challenges you face
  • Converting the needs into a carefully crafted Goals and Analysis document describing all your needs
  • Developing a Gap Analysis of current situation and results expected by the end of project
  • Creating a suitable implementation strategy keeping in view your budget and timeline
  • Developing a suitable timeline for CRM implementation.
  • Mapping business processes to out-of-the-box CRM features
  • Setting suitable security levels and defining user roles.
  • Customizing CRM and other solutions to line up with business goals.
  • Migrating customer data from previous CRM solutions or other sources
  • Initiating the roll-out by improving employee adoption for enterprise collaboration.
  • Training of users and supervising CRM usage
  • Ensuring optimal CRM Adoption to optimize business performance.

SugarCRM Customization

Did you know customizing a SugarCRM is very easy? Many organizations struggle with the default features of the CRM as their needs surpasses the certain version they use. After all no two businesses in the world are the same and their unique needs can only be answered by a customized solution while staying in the comfort zone of their familiar SugarCRM interface.

The first step towards implementing SugarCRM is to defining your company’s goals. What do you want SugarCRM to do for you? In case you are not able to do this on your own, Tech Implement’s team of consultants will be able help you outline the most practicable CRM strategy and provide a vision that can move your business forward in the right direction.

We understand the challenges that clients face in their business and we design customization solutions that clear up all the roadblocks slowing down the progress in their businesses. Customizing SugarCRM according to business process and needs calls for both technical capabilities and understanding how businesses work. At Tech implement, our skilled engineers have unparalleled experience across different industries, SugarCRM versions and server configurations. This experience helps in driving incessant re-innovation in ever changing business environments.


We can help you all the way

When you invest your valuable time and money in a CRM and it fails to meet your expectation, it can cause more nuisances then you had before. Choosing an experienced SugarCRM Partner helps you significantly reduce the chances of this happening. We at Tech Implement take away the responsibility from your shoulders of designing, implementing and deploying the CRM and ensure the adaption of the CRM is maximized in your organization. Letting you focus on your business without any headaches.


Streamline Business Processes

By integrating SugarCRM into your existing business processes, you can reduce data entry time, eradicate superfluous records and can keep a 360 degree view on customer files all in a single place.

Give us a call today to discuss what your SugarCRM expectations are. We’ll help you align all your needs with SugarCRM and transform into clearly defined processes that reduce manual effort, duplication and confusion within your organization.