Well Organized Information Is The Key

Current businesses greatly rely on accurate and ordered data. This means managing information, ensuring safety, procedures, governance models, standards and practices, roles and responsibilities.

To control varied information assets our engineers:

  • Examine processes and existing technology solutions
  • Design data flow illustrations to optimize information exchange and control data duplication
  • Plan the structural design of integrated solution
  • Build an IT infrastructure model, establish data exchange rules
  • Set up IT solutions and execute primary data import

Our knowledge and capabilities guarantee smooth integration of project data in a distinct informational environment.

Bpm’online CRM Integration Services

Panoramic view of sales opportunities, greater customer communications and successful marketing campaigns are among the few benefits you can expect when your bpm’online is fine-tuned and integrated to match your exact business needs.

Tech Implement is the official partner of bpm’online and promises a smooth and flawless CRM integration into your environment since we’ve invested a lot in the abilities and knowledge essential for our workers.

How will you benefit from our bpm’online CRM integration and services?

  • Synchronization and Integration with other applications
  • Quick implementation and faster return on investment
  • Connectivity and reorganization, no reappearing earlier collected data
  • Better customer experience and improved lifetime worth
  • Smooth communication with prospects
  • Adaptable and grows as your business grows
  • Quick revolution, low costs with more proficient implementation
  • Keep complete email history with the client in bpm’online sales, in spite of the mail provider.



  • Modified, adaptable solution with flexibility for business development.
  • Built-in data import function from/to Microsoft Excel.
  • Synchronize emails, contacts, and tasks by incorporating Microsoft Exchange.
  • Integration with virtual or standard IP PBX systems.
  • Manage prospects, opportunities, and leads directly from your Outlook mailbox.
  • Use your Google Account to synchronize emails, contacts and calendar.

For more proficient business processes and better worker productivity, we integrate bpm’online CRM with existing applications in you business. This helps you take full advantage of your technology investments.